Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sergio Rizzolo - "Danny Darrow - Doomsday" (1980)

Photography: Emmalisa Pauly, 2012
"My favourite record is Danny Darrow's "Doomsday" from 1980. It's one of the greatest disco records ever made, because it's a perfect vision of the future (or the lack of one to be exact!). When the world eventually comes to an end - by the hands of a giant alien warrior - we should all "get down to it" and "drown in our juices of love" as Danny puts it (which can be seen happening on the amazing sleeve artwork by Charles Universal).
Match that slab of wisdom with a 133 BPM beat, rock guitars, a sax-solo and about a 4 minutes long synthesizer workout at the end and I've got all I ever need to get through the end times"

Sergio Rizzolo
Danny Darrow - A1 - Doomsday (Long Version)

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Thank you Sergio!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Dj Rocca - "George Duke - Faces In Reflection" (1974)

"I'm a big fan of George Duke stuff, especially his albums on German MPS records. This album have some big tracks inside, and one in particular is the track I want to listen everyday: North Beach. A space jazz rhodes solo track with lots of reverb and echo...superb!"
DJ Rocca
George Duke - B2 - North Beach

Luca ‘DJ Rocca’ Roccatagliati is a producer and musician. He started to produce in late 90s doin some drum&bass and breakbeat singles as Maffia Soundsystem from the same name club in Italy. DJ Rocca collaborated with Howie B, Pressure Drop, Zed Bias, Dimitri From Paris, Daniele Baldelli and Jazzanova producing singles, remixes and albums on some of the best european labels as Sonar Kollektiv, Compost, Classic, Rekids, Mantra Vibes, Hell Yeah, Rebirth, Hooji Choons, Defected, Gomma, Crammed Disc, International Feel.
DJ Rocca works now with Dimitri From Paris and Daniele Baldelli. With legendary Dimitri From Paris for their new electro disco act Erodiscotique, with three huge EP’s on Gomma Records, and a track already included in the Playboy Mansion compilation released by Defected Records and mixed by Dimitri himself and Bob Sinclar. With Daniele Baldelli, Rocca have released the album “Podalirius” on UK label Nang, out in June 2012. As a producer, DJ Rocca is also part of Ajello (with Taver), Supersonic Lovers (with Marcello Giordani) and Crimea X (with Jukka Reverberi) He remixed big names as Oliver Koletzki, Luke Solomon, Blaze, Isolee, Pete Herbert, Bjorn Torske, Chris Coco, Dimitri From Paris.
DJ Rocca also runs his label Danny Was A Drag King and releases music from Ajello, Supersonic Lovers, Luminodisco, Verdo, Marcello Giordani, Hard Ton and so on…

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Zambon - "Dee D. Jackson ‎– Cosmic Curves" (1978)

"The track comes from the LP "Cosmic Curves" which i bought, a few weeks ago on a hangovered saturday afternoon, on one of my secret flohmarkts in Berlin. The whole LP is unlistenable, at least for me, besides the track "Galaxy Police" which is a groovy monster disco track with a killer baseline, amazing vocals and some cheesy spoken parts - that fit here perfectly. When I looked at the design of Disco Sigaretta I immediately knew which track to chose for this post. Enjoy the disco space ride!"


(Polish dj producer, blogger, The Very Polish Cut-Outs Label Co-owner & event promoter who currently lives in Berlin)
Dee D. Jackson - Galaxy Police

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Manuel Kim - "Madonna - Into The Groove (1987)"

"Into The Groove is certainly one of the most well-known Madonna tracks, but the dub version that can be found on this pretty rare promo-only vinyl from 1987 not so much: legendary Shep Pettibone (who co-produced many Madonna tracks in the late 1980ies) remixed the track for the "You Can Dance" compilation into a more DJ-friendly version and also introduced an insane piano part that will infect any dancefloor. Of course the production is impeccable and still blows most records you might play before or after straight out of the water. A true secret weapon (that is also notoriously hard to find outside of the States).. that I had the insane luck to find for just a few Euros on Ebay some years ago.

I made an edit of the dub as part of my edits collection which can be found on Youtube (
Many more edits and mixes are up on my homepage, Soundcloud ( and Mixcloud (" 

Madonna - Into The Groove (Shep Pettibone Dub)


Manuel Kim is DJ in Munich and label manager for Gomma Records ( His edits for old school tracks like Lil’ Louis, Aleem, Soft House Company, A Guy Called Gerald, Murk, etc. have been picked up by DJs such as Dimitri from Paris, Tommie Sunshine, Danny Daze, Johnwaynes, Francois K, DJ Chloe, Adam Sky, Nick Warren etc. and are partly collected on “Manuel Kim Edits” 12" Vinyl

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nicholas Keane (Fatty Fatty Phonographics) - "Instant Funk ‎– Bodyshine" (1979)

"What can you say about Bodyshine? It's a bit of a monster, produced by Bunny Sigler and Instant Funk. It's about a guy wanting to make the object of his desire 'shine all over'. So like all good dance records it's about getting sweaty, in the bedroom or on the dancefloor, whatever works.

I heard it on a recording of Maurice Fulton DJing the Electric Chair in 2007. It is absolutely relentless, irresistably funky and nearly 10 minutes long! I could listen to it all day.

In summary, it's a perfect representation of what we try and achieve at our parties and on our records."

                                                                 Nicholas Keane

Instant Funk - Bodyshine 
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Konstantin Timoshenko - "Karen Fairy ‎– End Of The Day/Was It Love" (1985)

Konstantin Timoshenko (born 1974, Almaty, Kazakhstan), a professional drummer and music producer, organizer and curator of Replica Festival in Almaty, member of many projects, including Les Enfants De Paris, Pop's Machine, Sample Brothers, Akkord I On and Help Me Jones. He started collecting records at an early age, and during his school years he began to spin records and audio tapes at the school parties, in the early 90' Konstantin ran a radioshow about electronic music on the local radio station, lately the idea of popularization of different genres of electronic art grew up into organization of big (and the only one) media art festival in Middle Asia "Replica"' which took a place in Almaty in 2006 and 2007. in 2008 he moved to Sofia, Bulgaria, where he continues working with music as a theater composer, also as a songwriter and arranger in the synthpop project "Help Me Jones".
"The biggest part of my record collection i found at flea markets around the world, the Karen Fairy single too. i never found any information about this artist or the producers of this record. i only thing i know, written on cover, is that it was recorded in 1985 in Belgium. i fell in love with both sides of this record immediately, it has such a naive and romantic sound with new wave and italo-disco influences.
Here's the link to my latest mix where Karen Fairy's song appeared"

Karen Fairy - A1 - End Of The Day

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Rock DJ - "Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit – Full Circle" (1982)


"I am a film editor during daytime but at night I put on my feather boa and DJ in the dark and seedy bars of Bucharest. I have been playing music for friends and dancers for more than 10 year in some of the most inspiring places: The Web Club, Embryo, Tralala, Ota, Control or Atelier Mecanic.

One of my favorite records is Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit, Holger Czukay - "Full Circle". Released in 1982, I don't think it ever got the recognition it deserves. Although everybody knows "supergroups" usually have average output, this seems to be the exception - for me it is at least as good as any Can, PIL or Wobble record. You have Liebezeit's (apparently)clockwork drumming, Wobble's dubby bass and haunting vocals, all tightened up by master Czukay's cosmic production. 
Buy it and enjoy the ride.

P.S. My friend Utopus has done a very nice, slower rework of the first track, "How Much Are They?"
Listen to it here:"

Rock DJ

A1 - How Much Are They?

Also check Rock Dj's guestmix for our friends, The Poor Relatives - link HERE
(recorded at Atelier Mecanic)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ettore Sorrentino - "Love Unlimited Orchestra - Love Is Back" (1979)

Love Unlimited Orchestra
"High Steppin', Hip Dressin' Fella (You Got It Together)"

Useful links: Ettore's Soundcloud, Mixcloud and RA page.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Tj Gorton (Pat Les Stache) - "Mtume Umoja Ensemble – Alkebu-Lan - Land Of The Blacks (Live At The East)" (1972)

"Nothing seems to move me more these days than the intensity of spiritual jazz music. During the late sixties and seventies, labels like Strata-East, ESP-Disk', India Navigation Company, Flying Dutchman and many others were capturing the passionate momentum and energy of the civil rights movement through jazz music and releasing some of the best underground records of that creative and explorative era. Before James Mtume was producing dancefloor classics like "Juicy Fruit" the percussionist was a fixture on many spiritual jazz records, adding his Afro-centric conga rhythms to many of the era's best recordings. Their might not be a record that captures the creative nature and powerful intensity of that period's spiritual jazz movement more than his large ensemble led live album Alkebu-Lan: Land of the Blacks. The music on the album comprises everything from post-Coltrane modal modes, heavy-hitting African rhythms, passionate chants, inspired spoken-word poetry, and an overall spiritual jazz energy that can't be matched. Mtume's Alkebu-Lan: Land of the Blacks represents everything that I've grown to love about the expressive freedom and spirituality of jazz music."
Tj Gorton aka Pat Les Stache

Mtume Umoja Ensemble - Utamu


<<< Essential link - TJ's "Village Dance Radio" >>>


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tim Sweeney - "Lou Miami & The Kozmetix" (1982)

Mister Tim Sweeney was invited by mister Bogman in February at Bogman's events called "Camera Sambo" here in Bucharest, it was his third or second visit in Romania and we finally got the chance of asking him for a record choice for our blog. Lou Miami & The Kozmetix (1982), favourite track "Dance With Death" (you might have heard the track being played on Tim's #600 show on Beats in Space, link here, and also here's the record on Discogs).
I truly recommend you guys to check the official video of this track, search it on Youtube.

Many thanks to our friend Nainer for always carrying a camera and taking the photo for us!

Lou Miami & The Kozmetix - Dance With Death

!!! !!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Richard Rossa (Testarossa) - "Polvo – Celebrate The New Dark Age" (1994)

"My musical background and inspiration springs alot from lo-fi, indie, postrock and postpunk.
Before I started to DJ I collected pretty much everything from labels such as Matador, Domino, Touch & Go, etc.
First time I heard Polvo I got completely paralyzed and almost felt a religious presence.
The music was coming from my friends room in our student dorm during a party.
I got obsessed and collected every release. My life was a mess back then
so even when I hear it today, it brings me a beautiful melancholy and awakes that teenage agression all over.
The track Fractured (Like Chandeliers) will always be the opening track in the soundtrack of my life.
" Richard Rossa

Polvo - Fractured (Like Chandeliers)

Here's the record on Discogs and also mister Richard Rossa on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Facebook and Resident Advisor. Also, if you get to visit Stockholm, Richard is the manager of this place called Slakthuset, and from the photos we've seen, seems like the place is more than fun :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Mushrooms Project - "Manu Dibango – Soul Makossa" (1979)

Our blog becomes one post richer and again, the music comes via Parma (we really must go there to check it out and see with our own eyes what's going on there because it seems like Parma is some kind of magical land with fertile soil where good djs grow), this time, Marco and Giorgio, the guys from Mushrooms Project (BearFunk/Is It Balearic?) share with us a trippy secret from their laboratory, Manu Dibango - Soul Makossa, their choice, the first track on the record. Some useful links: the Mushrooms Project on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Facebook and Discogs.

Manu Dibango - Soul Makossa

And for a more intense experience, here's also a gift from us below :) ... Now go crazy!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Christian Beetz - "Cappuccino - Cappuccino" (1980)

Christian Beetz is a dj/producer from Hamburg, Germany that we really respect for being so dedicated to the disco scene. His choice is a disco album released in Spain in 1980 called "Cappuccino - Cappucino" and his favourite track is the fourth track from this record called "Tomorrow"

(here's the record on Discogs)

Check out Christian's blog Frequency Without Control for many really nice disco tunes, the FRWCTRL Facebook Group and also FRWCTRL on Soundcloud for many edits by Christian (check out his latest Sophia National - Exotic Love (Christian edit) and my favourite Sandra - In The Heat of The Night (Balearic Edit).

If you ever go to Hamburg you might wanna check this page and maybe you'll be lucky to catch a Take A Disco Party (events that Christian makes with two friends of his, also djs from Hamburg - Claude Kaiser and Jules Julius, and where they had guests like Marcello Giordani and Paolo Chinatown)


Cappuccino - Tomorrow

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lee Douglas - "Eddie Gale's Ghetto Music" (1968)

We had the chance of meeting mister Lee Douglas last year (2011) when he was in Bucharest invited by Bogman and we asked him to pick a favourite record, something that he really enjoys for Disco Sigaretta.
His choice - Eddie Gale's Ghetto Music (1968) (here's the record on Discogs)

Lee Douglas is well known for his house/disco productions that you can find at Rong Music, Beatport and on Discogs. He's also in two projects, one that is called The Stallions (ESP Institute) with Lovefingers, and another one with Justin Vandervolgen, called TBD.

Download - Lovefingers & L. D. : A Night In Babylon (Live in Istanbul) and also three great shows on BIS with Lee Douglas :

( )
( )
( )

The Rain

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cheers Chris - "Phantomband" (1980)

If you ever go to Berlin and you are looking for records, Christian Pannenborg (aka Cheers Chris) is one of the persons you really have to meet, he helped us buy some stuff that we couldn't find in other record stores and also recommended us some really interesting artists that we didn't hear about, he really knows his stuff. At Soju Club in Berlin, each month, he also does the nights he called "Institute of Harmless Thinking" and had guest like Lovefingers, Basso, Chee, Soft Rocks and Tyedie.

Of course we had to ask him to pick some records also for DS and here's his first choice - Phantom Band with their self titled album (here's the album on Discogs). He also chose this track as his favourite... "I'm The One". Also you can listen to the whole album on Youtube here. Enjoy!

And two important links - Montezumas Rache (Chris' project) on Soundcloud
and Chris on facebook

Cheers Chris!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Even Steven - "Fumiya Tanaka - Fur Elodie" (2011)

It's always nice to meet old friends and have the chance to spend some time with them
and last week we went to visit our friends Mara and Stefan (who is better known as Even Steven), Mara is working as a photographer and Stefan is doing graphic design and also djing and they both moved to Berlin last year. We asked him for a special one, a special record that he really likes and Even Steven's "choice" for DS was a record by Fumiya Tanaka - Fur Elodie (released in Feb. 2011 by Sundance).

here's a preview of the record on Juno and also the record on discogs here.

for some mixes check evensteven's sc page

picture taken by Mara

Monday, January 16, 2012

Marcello Giordani - "Jimmy Ross - First True Love Affair (1981)"

Marcello Giordani is a DJ, producer and also the founder of Italo Deviance, one of the most important disco blogs.
For a few days he was in Bucharest and we asked him to choose a record from his impressive collection (more than ten thousand records), one that he really likes and share it with us. His choice was Jimmy Ross - First True Love Affair (1981)

Jimmy Ross - Fall Into A Trance

Check out many of Marcello's Edits and Mixes on his Soundcloud page
Thank you Marcello! :)

picture taken by our friend George

Rocky Siffredo - "Bostro Pesopeo - Anantes EP" (2010) (post moved from our old blog, originally posted on 24th of October 2011)

my choice for these cold and gloomy days is this... the "Anantes EP" by Bostro Pesopeo (released in 2010 by a label that i truly appreciate, Permanent Vacation).

being a pretty new release i won't share an mp3 for download but you can listen to all the tracks on the bostro pesopeo soundcloud page.

Bostro Pesopeo - 0000 by Bostro Pesopeo

picture taken by our friend George

Paula Abdul - b1 - Knocked Out (Pettibone 12")

I Cube - Metamorphik - Colin Dale - Mutant Disco (1998)

 Super track with a sample from Dario Argento's Inferno, Varelli's voice...

Cece Peniston - Keep On Walkin' Silky Soul Dub (1992)

M Trax - Disfunktion Big Dub (2001)

VA Black Rain OST 1989 - A4 - Ryuichi Sakamoto - Laserman

Billy Idol - 1987 Vital Idol - B1 Flesh For Fantasy (Below The Belt Mix) remixed by Gary Langan